PT. Kawasan Industri Medan (Persero), is a State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in the field of business management services Industrial Area. This area was established on October 7, 1988, with a composition comprising shares of the Government of Indonesia (central) 60%, North Sumatra Province 30% and 10% of Medan City Government.
Head Office
Wisma Kawasan Industri Medan
Jalan Pulau Batam No.1 Kompleks KIM
Tahap II - Medan, Sumatera Utara
Phone. (061) 6871177
Fax. (061) 6871088
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Information Centre Information Centre
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01 Des 2015, MEDAN Medan re-flooded. The rain that occurred since 03.00 pm, Monday (30/11/2015) morning, inundated hundreds of homes in the North Field. In addition to the house, did not escape the access roads flooded.
25 Nov 2015
Sweeping' Anarchist Firm ProsecutedMedan, (Analysis). Poldasu predicts a national scale labor strike that lasted 24 to 27 November will paralyze some vital locations and objects. To that end, police officers consisting of one unit of company rank (SSK) Dit Polair Poldasu, 1 platoon Sabhara ...
28 Okt 2015
Medan, (Analysis). Rampant crime as the robber, theft occurring around Medan Industrial Estate (KIM) since the last two months, devastating workers thus impacting comfort disruption of work and investment climate.
22 Okt 2015
Jakarta, Indonesia CNN - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) plans to call the Regional Head Regents-level, the Mayor and Governors throughout Indonesia to the National Palace to follow up synchronization package of economic policies that have been launched. Not only that, as much as 119 Director ...
16 Okt 2015
Hearings Asperkim with Pam Dir ObvitMedan, (Analysis). Director of Vital Security Object (Pam Obvit) Poldasu, Police Commissioner Heri S said security in Medan Industrial Area (KIM) to be one of the priority agenda of securing vital objects (obvit) in North Sumatra. Because KIM is the backbone ...
09 Sep 2015
Medan, (Analysis). Flocks syndicate wrecker warehouse specialist that recently often act in Medan Industrial Area (KIM), Criminal Police Team arrested Medan Labuhan.
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