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News - PT. Kawasan Industri Medan
28 Des 2012
Jakarta - The House of Representatives Commission XI of the House of Representatives PPP Zaini Rahman convey three important things that need to be highlighted prior to redenomination or simplification of the rupiah currency without reducing its value. One is the issue of socialization.
12 Des 2012
MEDAN - Acting (Acting) Governor of North Sumatra (Sumatra) Gatot Pujo Nugroho expect labor protests conducted immediately stopped. Since 2013, the enactment UMP was part of efforts does. Even for the second time set wages higher than the proposed regional councils (Depeda). While separate from the observation in the field, people also began to fret the field actions are considered to violate workers their rights.
12 Des 2012
MEDAN - The second day of protests demanding higher minimum wage workers in various areas of North Sumatra, especially in Medan, Deli Serdang and Binjai have led to criminal acts and clashes.
12 Des 2012
Belawan, (Analisa). Thousands of workers rallied again rejected the revised minimum wage in various areas of Medan and Deli Serdang, Tuesday (11/12). They came back and blocked access to the motorway exit Belmera, in Belawan and Tanjung Morawa. As a result, the road around the region bogged down.
11 Des 2012
Tanjung Morawa, (Analisa). Tens of thousands of workers from the various elements of labor organizations in North Sumatra, returned to block the toll booth Belmera, Tanjung Morawa, Monday (10/12). They demanded the Acting Governor of North Sumatra revised Provincial Minimum Wage (UMP) in 2013.
06 Des 2012
Medan - A labor activist combing or do a "sweep" in the Medan Industrial Area (KIM), to invite the workers marched demanding higher minimum wage in North Sumatra Province in 2013.
06 Des 2012
Medan - Tens of thousands of mass demonstrations that members of the Labor Against Workers (PBM) mengelar rallies request approved UMP Sumatra Rp2, 2 million in the office of the Governor of North Sumatra, today.
06 Des 2012
Jakarta - Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo) responded labor demonstrations broke out in Jakarta and Medan today (12/05/2012). For workers when employers act is surprising and could not understand what the worker desires.
04 Des 2012
Already many people know that fast food is healthy sajitidak seseringmungkin and should not be consumed. But behind the taste and presentation, there are a surprising faktalain cepatsaji food industry. Listen more, as reported dariHuffington Post below.
23 Nov 2012
On Thursday (22/11/2012) Board Direksi PT. Medan Industrial Area (Persero) witnessed Muspika District Medan Deli, Medan Labuhan and District Saentis Percut Sei Tuan, education and assistance handed means houses of worship in the neighborhood Medan Industrial Area through the Partnership and Community Development (CSR)
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