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News - PT. Kawasan Industri Medan
07 Nov 2012
Jakarta - Bank Indonesia (BI) reported finding counterfeit money turns continued to increase since the beginning of 2012. In every one million original bills, found five counterfeit bills. Be careful!
06 Nov 2012
Jakarta - At least 100 companies have been unanimous strike production in response to the anarchist labor rally. This event occurs when Indonesia will face the ASEAN economic community by 2015.
05 Nov 2012
Medan, (Analisa). The bodies of fire victims KIM 1 Mabar, PT Indo Glove found and evacuated to Medan Pirngadi dr, Sunday (4/11) afternoon. The victim had lived charred bones.
03 Nov 2012
Jakarta - Indonesia's business climate slowly began to be uncomfortable for the entrepreneurs. At least there is some business climate issues were not addressed anarchic antaralain demo labor, extortion by the limited infrastructure.
02 Nov 2012
JAKARTA - State Enterprises Minister Dahlan Iskan Allegations against rogue elements extortionist state legislators alleged transfer of the findings of the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) relating to state financial losses amounting to Rp37, 6 ​​trillion due to the inefficiency of the famous PLN.
02 Nov 2012
Medan, (Analisa). PT Indoglove glove factory in Jalan Medan Ternate Island Industrial Area (KIM) Phase I, Thursday (1/11) evening fire. Until this news was revealed on Friday (2/12) morning, two workers were killed. A man and a woman. While dozens of other workers suffered burns.
01 Nov 2012
JAKARTA - Menteri BUMN Dahlan Iskan adanya permintaan upeti oknum DPR kepada BUMN  sangat merugikan dan bisa menghancurkan BUMN, sehingga hal perlu diungkap tapi dengan DPR mengundangnya.
01 Nov 2012
Medan Deli, (Analisa). Peninjauan Kembali dengan agenda sidang lapangan
yang dilakukan pihak Pengadilan Negeri (PN) Lubuk Pakam dan Badan
Pertanahan Nasional (BPN) Lubuk Pakam terhadap lahan sengketa seluas
46,11 hektar berada di Kawasan Industri Medan (KIM) II, Kecamatan Percut
Seituan, Kab. Deli Serdang nyaris ricuh, Rabu (31/10).
30 Okt 2012
Jakarta (AFP). Outsourcing (outsourcing) a hot issue in the world of labor. Monday afternoon, several unions joined the Labor Council Labor Indonesia (MPBI) went to the Ministry of Manpower (Manpower). Their dialogue with the Minister Muhaimin Iskandar on the fate of outsourcing employees is governed by the Minister of Manpower and Transmigration (Permenakertrans).
25 Okt 2012
JAKARTA - Bank Indonesia (BI) provides housing loans (mortgages) to the outsourced employees who have long working lives.
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