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News - PT. Kawasan Industri Medan
Deli Serdang, Wednesday, June 21, 2017 located in the office yard of PT. MEDAN INDUSTRY ZONE (Persero), implemented Cheap Market in order to realize PKBL Program PT. KIM (Persero) and the Concern of Medan Industrial Estate to the surrounding community as well as implementing BUMNs Present To The Country.

This activity was carried out in the form of the distribution of basic needs of 4,500 packages for the less fortunate, where one package of basic needs consisted of rice, sugar and cooking oil, with value per package of Rp 79,500 which will be sold for Rp 10,000 per package to the less fortunate Dhuafa) located in the vicinity of Medan Industrial Estate, namely 4 Sub-districts 8 Sub-districts and 2 Villages in which the area is Medan City and Deli Serdang Regency.

Attended by Mr. Daly Mulyana (President Director), Mr. Ilmi Abdullah (Director of Operations & Development), Mr. Baringin Simanjuntak (Corporate Secretary), Mr. Jefri Sirait (Manager SPI), Mr. Aris Supriyatno (Chairman of PKBL), Ibu Mini Herawaty ( Manager Sales & Marketing) and Team PKBL PT. MEDAN INDUSTRY AREA (Persero).

Beginning with the speech Chairman PKBL PT. KIM (Persero), followed by the symbolic delivery of basic foods to the people entitled to receive. After that, all citizens who receive the coupon in turns exchange the coupons with the basic commodities provided by the committee.

Implementation of this activity also received assistance from the Head of each neighborhood located around Medan Industrial Estate. The distribution of vouchers for the commencement of sembako sembako done by the Head of the Environment a few days before the implementation of the distribution of basic needs. The activities of the distribution of basic foods run smoothly, orderly and successful.

This activity aims to help the poor (du'afa) in the form of distribution of basic foods and assist companies in the implementation of CSR programs related to efforts to alleviate the burden of life of the less fortunate.

Source: Corporate Secretary
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